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Frequently questions asked
Is there a warranty on baseball bats?

Yes! You get a 30 day warranty that starts the day you recive the bat. If your bat brakes within those 30 days we will need pictures to inspect your bat and if approved that there is no excessive and or intent damage we will replace your bat. We do NOT offer money refunds for our bats we will only replace the bat that has been broken.

Is the Jewelry stainless steel?

Yes! All of our Necklaces, Bracelets, Lockets, and earrings are all Stainless steel and will not change color or irriate your skin.

Is there a warranty on Jewelry & Accessories?

Yes! If your jewelry or accessories Brake within 30 Days we will ask you to send in the broken product and we will either repair it or replace it.

What is the difference between Maple, Birch, and Ash Wood?
Maple:  Birch:  Ash:
Who is the founder/CEO of Ufinit?
Ufinit was founded by Jeff Eastman in 2016.

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