We deliver high-quality custom wood baseball bats for all.





  1. 1. High Quality Pro Grade Wood

    All of our bats are made from our high quality hand split pro grade wood. Choose from our selection of maple, birch, and, ash Wood.
  2. 2. Custom Engravings

    We offer custom engraving on all of our bats. Engrave your name, nickname, or even your favorite character. We also offer custom logo engravings, for example: team logos, drawings, symbols and more!
  3. 3. Custom Designs

    All of our bats are custom designed from our team here at ufinit. We have new designs all year round from camo bats like you see here, to intricate american flag designs.
  4. 4. Ink Dot

    The ink dot is a stamp to indicate high quality wood. Ink dots show the slope of the grain on wood bats. 
  5. 5. Durable Handle

    The handles on our wood bats are extremely durable. our bat handles are made thicker than others, this makes the bat have less flexibility but in return will make the bat last in the long run.

7-10 businiess days

Manufacture time on custom bats

Free Shipping

Orders over $200 get FREE shipping

30 Day Warranty

We have a 30 day warranty on all baseball bats

Why The Ellipse Grip?

Reason why you need the Ellipse Grip
Get improved power and control
The “Ellipse Grip” changes the game when it comes to power and control. Have you ever had a bat slip out of your hands, it won’t happen with the use of the Ellipse Grip! This grip helps align your knuckles properly and gives you the grip you need, to drive all your power to the next level!
It feels comfortable in your hands
The Ellipse Grip gives a more natural grip that allows you to have a better hold of the item. Use of the Ellipse Grip can improve your performance and give you the power you are looking for when swinging your bat. 
You can apply to any round or semi round object
You can apply the Ellipse Grip to any round or semi round object such as: baseball/softball bats, golf clubs, fishing rods, Garden Tools, and many other items. Follow our 3 simple steps to apply the grip and you will be ready to go!  

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